Home entertainment

In 2009, the company realized that in home entertainment sector there was an increasingly growing demand for motorized projection screens. Since the type of motorization system is very similar - if not identical - to the one Seav usually implements with its applications (normally intended to move curtains or rolling shutters), we investigated whether we could improve the offer that so far was on the market and maybe design something specifically dedicated.

The first thing we noticed was the awkward need to use two remote control devices (one for the screen and one for the projector). We therefore decided to design a device giving the possibility to eliminate the screen remote control, and, we were able to produce it. At the same time we initiated a survey to evaluate similar products on the market and found that there was nothing comparable.

When the survey was completed we considered it appropriate to patent the device that we are now selling to one of the leading manufacturers of projection screens. Although requests submitted by other manufacturers, we currently have signed a one-year exclusive contract.