MORE is an acronym for Manufacturing, Optimization, Research and Engineering and identifies and signifies the increasingly important 360º dimension that SEAV gives its business and market approach. We have always been involved in Electronic Solutions for Movement Control but those who are familiar with us know that we are also much, much more. In fact, SEAV is also a R&D department that develops customized projects for an infinite series of applications and customers: from remote controls for ventilation hoods or home theatre displays to applications created for medical use; from solutions developed for the nautical market to those produced for the automotive industry.

Thanks to this multi-functionality, our continuous experience increases SEAV's specialist ability, which is growing and multiplying exponentially, making it a definite factor in competitive ability.

To allow everyone to take advantage of this reservoir of experience and professionalism, today there is SEAVMORE: a complex system made up of people with a great amount of experience, know how and leading edge technology, offering concrete solutions in the field of Research, optimization, engineering and the Production of electronic products.

SEAVMORE, therefore, is simply "more": a complete resource for companies and professionals who want to develop projects or outsource production, a complete service partner for companies that need a specific sector know how and absolute reliability and the ideal partner for those who want the real "Made in Italy" label available for their business, one that has deep roots in the region and that uses the all resources and ancient knowledge from the region that has led to the success of the products we've created.